Welcome to "VIVA Pharm"!


"VIVA PHARM" is a fastest growing pharmaceutical company of Kazakhstan, one of the leaders in the developing, clinical research, registration, production, storage and distribution of a wide range of high quality, affordable medicines for patients.

We strive to adhere to the international standards and requirements, improving the quality of service and control at every stage. We value and respect our employees, business partners, suppliers and consumers of our products, which provide the accuracy and integrity in all that we do.


Today "VIVA PHARM" is:

  1. modern pharmaceutical production capacity of 200 million tablets and capsules per year
  2. professional team
  3. the network of branches and regional representatives
  4. research activities and the educational mission among medical specialists
  5. full support for the registration of pharmaceutical in Kazakhstan, as well as in Central Asia and Azerbaijan
  6. a wide range of logistics services in the mode of its own bonded warehouse and transport network
  7. marketing and distribution of a large range of medicines from leading manufacturers